About Russia

Russia is the largest country in the world, covering more than one-eighth of the Earth’s inhabited land area. Russia is also the world’s ninth most populous nation with 143 million people as of 2012. Russia’s 160 ethnic groups speak some 100 languages.

Extending across the whole of northern Asia, Russia spans nine time zones and incorporates a wide range of environments and landforms. This expansive area allows it to neighbor more countries than anywhere else on earth, as well as touch twenty-two bodies of water and hold twelve seas within its borders. Its lakes contain approximately one-quarter of the world’s liquid fresh water.

Russian Orthodox is the official religion in Russia. 20% of Russians practice Islam while Catholicism, Protestantism, Buddhism and Judaism are not wide spread.

While the Tomorrow Clubs in Russia operate the same way, Russia does not have the religious freedom that Ukraine enjoys and there are far fewer evangelical churches. As a result, the clubs are widely spread geographically and we have had to rely on God to open doors for starting new clubs. This has led to some unique opportunities for working in places we might not have chosen. We have clubs in predominantly muslin areas, in a town dominated by Buddhists, and in some of the most disadvantaged communities you can imagine. We continue to see the awesome power of investing in the lives of children – it’s the best way to change Russia, and the world, for Christ!

Meet the Directors

Ira and Andre

Andre and Irina Rudenko sensed God’s call to work in Russia and in 2007, they moved to Russia as the first TC missionaries! They have worked faithfully and competently in leading the Tomorrow Clubs in Russia, often at great personal sacrifice. Today there hundreds of stories of lives changed as a result of the Tomorrow Clubs ministry.  It’s evident that God’s hand is on Andre and Irina and we are so grateful that He placed this work on their hearts and then used them to build the network of national leaders in Russia that together have touched so many lives.