My name is Dmitro. I was born in a dysfunctional family. When I was two years old, I was taken to the orphanage where I stayed till I turned 11. Through the years many people came to visit us in the orphanage, but for me the most unforgettable and special guests were the volunteers from the Tomorrow Club. They showed care and tried to find a unique approach to each child. We became really good friends. One year the club director took me to their house for the Christmas holidays and we became friends with their children. I liked the club meetings, games, songs, Bible verses, fairs, and crafts. I learned to pray. As God worked in my heart, I began thinking more about my bad words and habits. I never missed a club meeting, and I always did all the assignments and memorized Bible verses.

Then a miracle happened. One of the club leaders asked if I want to be adopted into a family – their family. It was like a gift from God and I gladly accepted the proposal. They also adopted two of my brothers, and another boy and a girl. Five of us from the orphanage found a family because of the Tomorrow Club which operated in our orphanage.

My relationship with God grew and for the past four years I have been volunteering in the same Tomorrow Club where I found my new family, telling kids in the orphanage about God. It’s easy to use the Tomorrow Club program to share the Gospel and teach children what it means to follow Jesus. I thank God for the Tomorrow Clubs and for everyone who prays and supports this ministry!