Sharing God’s love with those who have physical needs


Kids with cerebral palsy in Ukraine are marginalized by society. Natasha, a Christian lady working as a physical therapist in a rehabilitation center for such children, was burdened by the indifference shown to her patients. She wanted to help them spiritually as well as physically.

Natasha was familiar with the Tomorrow Clubs and had the idea of starting a club for the kids she was caring for. She recruited some volunteers from a local church who began to come regularly to minister to these handicapped children. The results have been amazing. One of the mothers said, “The atmosphere of love in the club changed us and eventually brought me and my daughter to repentance.”

Since this Tomorrow Club started in 2009, the club leaders have been able to help the children and their families in many different ways. They drive the kids along with their wheelchairs and their mothers to and from the club meetings and other activities. They help the kids participate in Christmas and Easter skits. They take them on picnics and spend time with them at special overnight camps during the summer.

We praise God for the opportunity to show these disadvantaged children His love through this special Tomorrow Club. As a result of this outreach, 2 girls, 1 boy, 2 mothers, and 1 grandmother have given their lives to Christ and are now sharing His love with others!