For many years, Tomorrow Clubs have worked in orphanages across Ukraine and Russia. In past newsletters, you may have read some of the stories of these children. Despite some improvement in the government child welfare systems, there are still hundreds of thousands of children living in orphanages. These children either have no parents, or their parents have lost parental rights because of substance or criminal activity. According to the latest statistics from Unicef, only one of ten orphans go on to live successfully outside the orphanages, while prostitution, human trafficking, alcoholism, drugs and suicide are, sadly, common destinies for the others.

We believe that God can change lives and give true hope through his Word. Because of His heart for the fatherless, God continues to provide opportunities for us to work in orphanages.

In May, God opened doors for us in a new area in Russia, the Smolensk region. The church in the town of Pochinok had the desire to start using the Tomorrow Club program in the nearby orphanage. Each week, a team from this little church faithfully travels to the nearby village where the orphanage is located, and conducts a Tomorrow Club meeting for the children. There are currently about 44 children attending the Club!

Several days ago, Misha, the director of this club, called us and said that they have a very interesting “problem”. The Club leaders report that they are running short of time at their meetings. This is happening because the line of children waiting to recite memorized Bible verses is so long each week! Praise God! We told Misha that this is a very good “problem” to have!

We are confident that God’s Word will fulfill the purpose for which He sends it out, bearing fruit for hope and salvation in the lives of these children. These faithful Club leaders are sowing seed, and we know our God will be faithful to bring about His harvest in His time.