The little city of Békés, Hungary, is similar to many other small towns in eastern Europe. High crime rates, alcoholism, poverty and unemployment contribute to discouragement and despair in much of the population. The widespread social and economic issues are huge stressors for families, and as a result many children are living in single-parent households.

Last winter, Tomorrow Club Directors Paul and Cindy Marty were invited through our Romanian Director to come to Bekes. A married couple in Bekes had been sensing God’s urging to preach the Gospel and work with the town’s children. Their church consisted predominately of elderly people and a few kids. It seemed evident that this church would soon cease to exist unless God brought about a revitalization in their midst.

Lisztes and her husband already believed that a children ministry could be an effective tool for church outreach, but they lacked the plan and strategy for how to make this happen. God graciously used the TC program to help this couple’s dream become reality. They started the first Tomorrow Club in Hungary soon after Paul and Cindy’s visit. Today, there are around 50 kids regularly attending the Club. The church was able to integrate their music program into the Club through the hobby classes. Recently, 11 church members have begun to serve as leaders in the Clubs, praise God!

This summer, a group of Americans will travel to Bekes to participate in an English camp, July 17-26 . Over 100 new kids are prepared to attend the camp, where they will study English and hear a presentation of the Gospel. These camp attenders will also be invited to join a second Club in the city, which will begin in the fall. Please consider praying for this event and for he kids that will attend this camp. We are excited about the spark God has ignited in this mission frontier, and pray God will fan this work into a flame of revival in Hungary.