Finding hope


My name is Anya and I am 13 years old. I live in a small village in Ukraine. My relationship with my parents has been the most difficult part of my life. They have abused alcohol for many years and when they get drunk, they often turn their anger on me. I have suffered verbal abuse and many beatings. My parents tell me I am nothing and they wished I was never born.

I was always looking for a place to escape. One of my schoolmates invited me to the Tomorrow Club. She told me she really enjoyed the club and the people there were very kind, so I decided to go.

I went to the club without knowing what to expect or how to behave. The first thing I noticed was that I felt welcome. They were singing, playing games, and everyone had their own study book. They talked about God and prayed. I really liked it.

When I came home from the club meeting that day, I told my parents about the club. When they heard where I had gone, they were furious and yelled at me. I got really upset and ran to my room, grabbing a knife on the way. I cut the veins in my wrist, hoping to die. My mom came into my room, saw what I had done, and said that even if I cut off my head she would not care.

Soon after this incident I went back to the club. The Tomorrow Club leaders became a great support for me. They helped me to realize that I need God and that he is the only one who can help me. Even if I don’t see him, I just need to believe he is there. They taught me how to pray and gave me a Bible.

My mom told me not to read my Bible and tried to take it away from me. The only chance I have to read it is when everyone is sleeping and can’t see what I am doing. I am praying for my parents and I know God can touch their hearts. Things are still not great at home but over the past couple of months I have seen my parents become much softer toward me. I thank God for it. I believe he is answering my prayer.

The Tomorrow Club helped me discover God and grow in knowing him. It is a fun place to be, but most importantly, this is the place where I found hope.