Tomorrow Clubs International reaches Cambodia!


As you might already know, Tomorrow Clubs International focuses on reaching children in forsaken places in Eastern European countries.

We have some exciting news: we are reaching children for Christ in Cambodia!

— How did this happen?

A friend of our Directors’ friend in Russia went to Cambodia as a missionary. She worked with children there, but she didn’t have a well-organized program. Our friend invited her to contact us and we told her about our Tomorrow Clubs program. She became interested in the curriculum and we taught her the most effective ways to engage kids using the Tomorrow Clubs materials. We sent her some materials and books, and they opened a club!

Every week they are ministering to 40 children with the Gospel for over a year!

This is a unique Tomorrow Club because it is in a remote location and it’s very problematic: the poverty is high and the children are illiterate. Imagine trying to share the Gospel with children who are starving — they are so hungry that they cannot concentrate on what you are saying, plus they cannot read at all. Someone needs to love them radically. Someone needs to feed them, both physically and spiritually because 70% of the children are unbelievers.

Thankfully, the leaders of this club embody the principle of “going the second mile” — they see that the families are living in poverty and they are doing something about it. Every child is fed at every club meeting at this particular hungry-for-radical-love club. This has become a standard operating procedure for that impoverished group of kids in Cambodia. The leaders spend time with the children, studying the Sunshine series material that we have sent them — a series of textbooks designed for children who cannot read. And the leaders are sharing the Gospel with the children. As a result, the children are learning what it means to follow Jesus.

These underserved children are being served with physical food to nourish their bodies, and spiritual food to place their hope in something greater — our Lord Jesus Christ.

We are trusting God for provision of food and grace to give the children peace amidst the suffering. God knows the situation in the lives of each of these kids. Leading the children to Jesus as their personal Savior, the leaders are showering them with true radical love as kids are learning what it means to follow Jesus