Wrestling with the Gospel


Vlad has a dream. He wants to become a wrestling champion. While many 15 year-olds seek athletic fame, Vlad wants even more: through sports, he hopes to bring glory to God and share the Gospel with other athletes. But surrounded by unbelieving family and friends, he finds he’s not only wrestling in the gym. Vlad…

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Tomorrow Clubs International reaches Cambodia!


As you might already know, Tomorrow Clubs International focuses on reaching children in forsaken places in Eastern European countries. We have some exciting news: we are reaching children for Christ in Cambodia! — How did this happen? A friend of our Directors’ friend in Russia went to Cambodia as a missionary. She worked with children…

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Confident in Christ


Andrea’s life got off to a rough start. When her mother abandoned her at three months, she faced the dire prospect of time in a Romanian orphanage, an institution known for neglect and abuse. Fortunately, she was placed in foster care with a good family whom she grew to love. Like many orphans, Andrea struggled…

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