Ever heard of Zangakatun?

Not far from Mount Ararat lies the small Armenian village of Zangakatun. Getting there is not easy and, like many of the forsaken places where Tomorrow Clubs work, life in this little town is hard. Without the hope of the Gospel, people here live hopeless lives. Like a beacon of light, the Tomorrow Club in Zangakatun…

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Breathing life into a dying church

An incredible story of God working begins in what was the once-prosperous city of Lori, located in northern Armenia. During the communist regime, there were over 30,000 residents living in the city, with factories being the primary means of employment. Similar to many places where Tomorrow Clubs operate, after the fall of the Soviet Union,…

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We have received exciting news from Armenia: nine children have given their lives to Jesus! Country Director Yeghish is thrilled – and so are we! He says, “The Tomorrow Clubs have only been working in Armenia for a few months but we are already seeing God work in this nation!” Yeghish tells us parents also…

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