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The Only Hope for the World

My name is Evon, and I am 21 years old. I am from the Chenusha Village in Moldova. In 2014, I was invited to the Tomorrow Club by Valera and his wife Svetlana. I went to one of the camps that TC had organized. The only motive for attending the club was just to have…

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Tomorrow Clubs International reaches Cambodia!

As you might already know, Tomorrow Clubs International focuses on reaching children in forsaken places in Eastern European countries. We have some exciting news: we are reaching children for Christ in Cambodia! — How did this happen? A friend of our Directors’ friend in Russia went to Cambodia as a missionary. She worked with children…

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ArticlesStoriesUkraine Captured by the Love of Christ

Captured by the love of Christ

Five-year-old Arsen knew he was in trouble. This wasn’t the first time he had snuck out of the house to come to the Tomorrow Club. His grandmother, bitterly hostile to Christianity, would probably show up at the club meeting again to curse the club leaders and force him to leave. Arsen didn’t care. He had…

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Breathing life into a dying church

An incredible story of God working begins in what was the once-prosperous city of Lori, located in northern Armenia. During the communist regime, there were over 30,000 residents living in the city, with factories being the primary means of employment. Similar to many places where Tomorrow Clubs operate, after the fall of the Soviet Union,…

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