Is the Iron Curtain really gone?

The Russian government guarantees freedom of belief in its constitution. Yet, fearing fines and persecution, parents are reluctant to allow their children to attend Tomorrow Club meetings. Country director Irina invites us to pray for a new initiative in Russia and for the challenges the Tomorrow Clubs team faces in bringing the gospel to the…

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Latest from the Tomorrow Clubs in Russia

Two years ago, Russia passed the most restrictive religious law in post-Soviet history, placing broad limitations on missionary work. Despite this new obstacle, God has allowed Tomorrow Clubs to flourish in places that are hard to even spot on a map. Watch the video and learn more from our Russia Country Directors.

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For many years, Tomorrow Clubs have worked in orphanages across Ukraine and Russia. In past newsletters, you may have read some of the stories of these children. Despite some improvement in the government child welfare systems, there are still hundreds of thousands of children living in orphanages. These children either have no parents, or their…

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