The Tomorrow Clubs equip leaders from local churches to bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ and long term discipleship to children in underserved communities.


Over the last 20 years, at least 5,000 volunteer leaders have served in a Tomorrow Club, often at great personal sacrifice. Discipleship is at the heart of the ministry, and nowhere is it more evident than among our leaders. A whole new generation of Tomorrow Club leaders who started as club members and grew up in the clubs, are now serving as club and church leaders.


Support a Tomorrow Clubs Coordinator

Tomorrow Club Coordinators have the responsibility of managing all the clubs in a geographical region. They train leaders, provide curriculum and supplies, and report on activity and results. We compensate Coordinators with a small amount of financial support. There are currently about 40 Coordinators managing more than 2,400 volunteer leaders.

Suggested donation:
$150 covers average monthly support for one Coordinator

Give toward training

It takes more than desire to be an effective disciple maker; training is extremely important. Our coordinators conduct regional training events regularly throughout the network to prepare our leaders for working with children. In addition, we have developed a Biblically based one-year online training program for our volunteer leaders in cooperation with a Ukrainian seminary.

Suggested donation:
$20 pays for the entire one year course of online training for one TC leader.
The average cost of one regional training event is $200.

Give toward development and printing of curriculum and training materials

One of largest expenses in the ministry is the development, translation, and printing of training materials and curriculum in seven different languages.

Suggested donation:
$60 covers the annual cost of printing curriculum for one Tomorrow Club.

We are currently developing materials in the Serbian and Albanian languages at a cost of approximately $1,500 each.


Suggested Donations

  • $150 – Average monthly support for one Coordinator
  • $20 – One year course of online training for one TC leader
  • $200 – Average cost of one regional training event
  • $60 – Annual cost of printing curriculum for one Tomorrow Club
  • $1500 – Cost of developing materials in a new language
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