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Why Russia?

Russia is the largest country in the world, covering more than one-eighth of the Earth’s inhabited land area, and spanning nine time zones. As a result, the Tomorrow Clubs in Russia are widely spread geographically and we have had to rely on God to open doors for starting new clubs. This has led to some unique opportunities for working in places we might not have chosen. We have clubs in predominantly muslin areas, in a town dominated by Buddhists, and in some of the most disadvantaged communities you can imagine. We continue to see the awesome power of investing in the lives of children – it’s the best way to change Russia, and the world, for Christ!

How the Tomorrow Clubs can help

Bringing the light of the Gospel. Through weekly Bible clubs, leaders from local churches kids to Jesus, and provide the long term discipleship needed to encourage deep, enduring, community-engaging Christian faith. In many places where we work, the Tomorrow Club is the only place in town where children and their parents can hear the Good News.

Breaking down walls. Russia does not have the religious freedom enjoyed by many of the other countries where we work, and there are far fewer evangelical churches. Russian Orthodox is the official religion in Russia and evangelical Christians and churches are shunned because of its dominance. Even so, we’ve seen that working with kids opens the door to bring the gospel into families and communities.

Growing the church. Churches, especially in small towns and villages, are dying because they have no outreach to bring in young families. The Tomorrow Clubs reach unchurched kids who bring the power of the Gospel home, and parents, seeing the changes in the lives of their children, follow them to local churches to learn more.

Training a new generation of Christian Leaders. Thousands of kids in Ukraine have grown up in the Tomorrow Clubs, and then serve as leaders in the clubs, discipling new children. Many have gone on to Bible schools and become church leaders.


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