Katya’s Bible

Katya had a dream: she wanted her own Bible. For more than a year, she had persistently asked the leaders at her Tomorrow Club in eastern Ukraine for a Bible. She was offered a children’s Bible and then a New Testament but no, Katya was adamant. She wanted a REAL Bible.

The Tomorrow Club leaders were hesitant. Katya was only 11 years old; was this just a childish whim? Besides, getting the Bible would be expensive and require a trip to the city.

The club director was reminded of how much Katya had changed. When she first came to the Tomorrow Club meetings, she was afraid to even sit at the table with the other kids and wouldn’t speak to anyone. Gradually she opened up, started asking questions about God, and became very active in the club. Katya blossomed into a remarkable young girl. At home, Katya cares for her parents who both abuse alcohol. Her father is blind, and her mother doesn’t have a stable job. In addition to doing all the chores at her own house, she helps out at the neighbors and manages straight A’s at school!

So, what about the Bible?

Feeling led to help Katya realize her dream, her Tomorrow Club leaders all pitched in to buy Katya a very nice, REAL Bible. Katya’s reaction? Don’t miss this – it’s priceless!

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“I wish we all had Katya’s awe for God’s Word
and her desire to study it.”


Katya’s Tomorrow Club Director,
eastern Ukraine