Tomorrow Clubs serve where communism has left a legacy of spiritual poverty

Tomorrow Clubs serve where communism has left a legacy of spiritual poverty


Where it all started! The first Tomorrow Club opened 20 years ago in the city of Zaporozhye in southeastern Ukraine. Within a few years, clubs sprung up all across this vast country, helping to fill the spiritual vacuum created by decades of communist rule. As the work grew, we saw tremendous impact in small towns and villages – places no one else really cared about – where kids and families were often living hopeless lives ruled by drugs or alcohol. Planting a Tomorrow Club brings the Gospel, hope, and long term discipleship to kids in these forsaken communities.


Recent changes in Russian laws make it one of the most restrictive countries we work in. Even so, God has opened doors in some unlikely places across this vast country and we continue to see the awesome power of investing in the lives of children!


Moldova is the poorest nation in Europe. In the rural areas where most Tomorrow Clubs work, desperate parents leave children behind to find work abroad. These forgotten children need to know they have a Heavenly Father who loves them. Through weekly Bible clubs, leaders from local churches introduce these hurting kids to Jesus, and provide the long term discipleship needed to encourage deep, enduring, community-engaging Christian faith.


With its hard-line communist government, Belarus is a hard place for evangelical Christians. Despite persecution, local churches are finding Tomorrow Clubs a great way to bring the Good News to unchurched kids and families.


Armenia was the first sovereign nation to accept Christianity as a state religion. Despite its deep roots, the practice of Christianity diminished dramatically after Soviet rule and today there are few evangelical churches in the country. The Tomorrow Clubs are growing rapidly in Armenia and we’ve seen churches revived as kids and families respond to the Gospel.


Romanians suffered under one of the cruelest communist dictatorships in modern history. The effects are still vividly evident, especially in the rural towns and villages where about half of the Romanian population lives. Tomorrow Clubs bring the hope of Christ to hurting kids and families in these rural communities, many of which are Roma (Gypsy) settlements.


We are just getting started here but we have already seen the Gospel proclaimed in a Tomorrow Club in a fully atheist community! We believe God will use the ministry to help struggling churches in Hungary grow in the midst of western influence and materialism.


Islam is part of the national identity of Bosnia and the small number of Christians are oppressed and often persecuted. Tomorrow Clubs partner with local missionaries in doing outreach among children and their families.


After decades of isolation under an atheist dictatorship, few Albanians consider religion a dominant factor in their lives. However, Islam is the predominant faith in Albania where the Tomorrow Clubs are just getting started. God has put us together with Albanian Christians who are on fire for the Lord and clubs will be starting this fall.


The Five Cross Flag of Georgia symbolizes its strong connection to Orthodox Christianity, the religion practiced by most of the population. Only a few evangelical churches exist in the country and they are severely oppressed by the orthodox church. Many of the Tomorrow Clubs in Georgia work with refugees in remote mountain villages where local evangelical churches find children very receptive to the Gospel and the Tomorrow Clubs a great outreach.

Jesus said:

“Let the little children come to me and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.”
Matthew 19:14