VIDEO: Latest news from Ukraine


The Tomorrow Clubs network in Ukraine has been growing for 25 years, bringing the Gospel to kids in every corner of the country. Then, overnight, everything changed. As bombs started falling, we realized God placed us in a unique position to help and we knew that was exactly what He wanted us to do. Through…

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How then will they call on Him?


The Roma people live on the outskirts of society and few choose to reach out to them. The Roma settlement of Szentjobb in western Romania, like most Roma settlements, is plagued by prejudice and poverty. Alcoholism, domestic abuse, teen pregnancy, crime, and superstition are a part of everyday life. Without someone to help them change,…

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Artem – the Sequel


When Artem arrived at the Azov sea for camp in the summer of 2020, he had no idea how much his life was about to change. He was 17 and had plans to leave his home country of Ukraine to work abroad. But at the camp, God got his attention and turned his life in…

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Filled with Faith


It’s hard to imagine a place much more remote than the village of Sabatlo. Situated at the edge of Europe near the border of Azerbaijan, this little community in the Republic of Georgia is home to hundreds of Armenian refugees. Fifteen-year-old Armik lives with her family in the refugee settlement where poverty and substance abuse…

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