Two years ago, Russia passed the most restrictive religious law in post-Soviet history, placing broad limitations on missionary work. Despite this new obstacle, God has allowed Tomorrow Clubs to flourish in places that are hard to even spot on a map. Watch the video and learn more from our Russia Country Directors.  Read More
The tidy building that now serves as the meeting place for the church and the Tomorrow Club started out as an abandoned house, overgrown with weeds. Watch the video and see how God used a young couple and a Tomorrow Club to establish his kingdom in a remote Ukrainian village.Read More
We have asked Tomorrow Clubs kids in all the nations where we work to say what their Tomorrow Club means to them. Hear what they said:Read More
Not far from Mount Ararat lies the small Armenian village of Zangakatun. Getting there is not easy and, like many of the forsaken places where Tomorrow Clubs work, life in this little town is hard. Without the hope of the Gospel, people here live hopeless lives. Like a beacon of light, the Tomorrow Club in Zangakatun attracts as many as 50 kids to weekly meetings where hope in Christ is proclaimed. Parents are coming too! Watch the video.Read More
A young boy from a poor village in Moldova, abandoned by his parents and living a hopeless life, discovers real treasure. Meet Mihai.Read More
In strong societies where mutual trust and respect are high, fences almost don’t exist but in the small towns and villages where Tomorrow Clubs serve, fences are everywhere. Let us take you behind the fences to a Tomorrow Club in a small town in Moldova and introduce you to a special young man we met during a recent visit. Watch the video. “You will be secure, because there is hope; you will look about you and take your rest in safety.” Job 11:18Read More
“Nothing special…” That’s what the Tomorrow Club leaders answered when asked if there were some stories they could share from their club. It didn’t take long to discover that this Tomorrow Club was indeed very special. To start with, this club is operating in Mlachivka, one of a few small villages just outside the radiation contaminated area surrounding the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant where the catastrophic nuclear accident occurred in 1986. The pastor of the evangelical church in Mlachivka is a former alcoholic whose life was transformed when he came to Christ. Now a respected member of the community, he goes around to surrounding villages every Saturday, loading kids in his van to bring them to the Tomorrow Club. Amazingly, this small churchRead More
Raul was born into what is an all too common family situation in Roma communities. His father was unfaithful to his wife and uncaring toward his son. His parents divorced when he was only four years old, and Raul was physically abused by his mother and stepfather. The beatings became so bad that he decided to run away from home to find and live with his father. Thanks to his grandmother, Raul found his way to the small Romanian village of Dumbrava where his father and stepmother were living. His mother never bothered to look for him. Like any other child, he hungered for love but found his stepmother constantly working to turn his father against him. Hatred for his parents and stepparentsRead More
We recently celebrated the repentance of a girl living a very hard life. Natasha was born with one of her legs being much shorter than the other. When Natasha was a child, doctors had said that a series of surgeries could correct her disability and she would be able to walk normally. Sadly, her alcoholic parents would not consent to the needed treatment. As the youngest child, instead of getting love, care, and protection, she was mocked and abused by her dysfunctional family. Her parents accused her of being a burden to her siblings. The situation in her family kept getting worse. Natasha’s mother and father would go on drinking binges for weeks and finally, her father drank himself to death. Natasha attendedRead More


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