Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Tomorrow Clubs are weekly Bible clubs that partner with local churches to provide long term discipleship for children and teenagers. A typical Tomorrow Club has 4 or 5 leaders from a local church who work with about 30 children. Most of the kids come from unchurched families. During weekly meetings, children worship, pray, and learn practical life skills in their hobby class. Club leaders take time with each child to ensure they understand the lessons from the Gospel-based curriculum and listen as they recite Bible verses.

OUTREACH: Tomorrow Clubs provide a way for local churches to connect to their community and break through the walls created by communism.
DISCIPLESHIP: Tomorrow Club leaders bring kids to Jesus, then through long term discipleship, help them become more like Jesus.
CONNECTION: Tomorrow Clubs partner with local churches and help them flourish because when kids from the club come to church, their families often follow. And, many Tomorrow Club kids grow into leaders who go on to disciple others.

Tomorrow Clubs partner with local churches equipping leaders to become disciple makers in their community. At the heart of the ministry are the relationships that develop as leaders engage with kids, teaching by example what it means to follow Jesus. Making disciples requires long term commitment. Tomorrow Club leaders are there week after week, year after year, helping kids and youth learn to follow Jesus and break through the hopelessness around them.
No. We are a non-denominational, Christ-following nonprofit organization working in partnership with many different churches and church denominations.
Tomorrow Clubs work in the countries of Ukraine, Russia, Moldova, Romania, Armenia, Georgia, Belarus, Albania, Bosnia, Serbia, Kazakhstan, Zimbabwe, and South Africa. Most Tomorrow Clubs serve small communities where often, there is no other place to hear the Good News of the Gospel.

70% of decisions for Christ happen under the age of 18. Studies have consistently shown that kids are far more open to the Gospel than adults and those who accept Christ early in life are more likely to keep the faith. Reaching children for Christ can transform families, churches, and whole communities!

Giving Questions

It’s easy to donate online using a credit or debit card on our secure system. You can also give by an Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) directly from your bank account by calling us at (612) 419-6128. In addition to one-time donations, you can become a Ministry Partner by setting up automatic monthly donations.

Checks should be made out to Tomorrow Clubs International.
Mail checks to:
Tomorrow Clubs International
1700 Four Oaks Rd,
Suite 155 Eagan, MN 55121

We suggest consulting a tax accountant to accurately determine the extent to which your donation is deductible. Tomorrow Clubs International is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, and all gifts are tax-deductible to the full extent of the law.
We make sound stewardship a priority. Tomorrow Clubs International spends about 20% of its funds on general and administrative expenses and fundraising. A more detailed breakdown can be found in our most recent financial statement. Tomorrow Clubs International is a member of the prestigious Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability (ECFA).

Tomorrow Clubs are funded by individuals, churches, and private or family foundations. Tomorrow Clubs International does not solicit government funding. See our Form 990 (link) for details.

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