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The Only Hope for the World

My name is Evon, and I am 21 years old. I am from the Chenusha Village in Moldova. In 2014, I was invited to the Tomorrow Club by Valera and his wife Svetlana. I went to one of the camps that TC had organized. The only motive for attending the club was just to have…

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Behind the fences

In strong societies where mutual trust and respect are high, fences almost don’t exist but in the small towns and villages where Tomorrow Clubs serve, fences are everywhere. Let us take you behind the fences to a Tomorrow Club in a small town in Moldova and introduce you to a special young man we met…

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Running like Jonah

For many years, the Tomorrow Club Director in Dubrovka, Moldova had been looking for an opportunity to leave the small Moldovan village where he was born and raised, believing there was no future for him there. He tells the story of how he was “running like Jonah”. After my repentance, I went to Bible school…

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Our Tomorrow Club team in Moldova is celebrating four new Clubs starting in the northern area of the country! We thank God that more pastors are catching the vision of reaching unchurched children and families with the Gospel through this ministry. Parents of kids attending the clubs have said, “no one else cares for our…

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