Send a Care Package


Each gift of $15 provides a package of basic food items and a simple Gospel presentation for a needy family in one of the communities we serve.

Donate   $15

Feed a club

Feed a Club


Tomorrow Club meetings usually include a small snack, but in some places children are very poorly nourished. A gift of $25 will provide a nutritious meal for about 25 kids at a weekly club meeting.

Donate   $25

Masks and sanitizer

Masks and Sanitizer


Help distribute masks and sanitizers for those who can’t afford and don’t have access to them. Having masks and sanitizers available at clubs helps make parents feel more comfortable.

Donate   $25

10 Bibles

10 Bibles


Just like physical food, many kids don’t have access to spiritual food at home. With your gift, you are giving the children the opportunity to invest their time in God’s Word and grow in their relationship with Jesus.

Donate  $40

Sports Equipment


Even basic sports equipment is a luxury in many of the places we work. Your gift helps kids have fun at their club while learning about Jesus.

Donate   $50

Transportation to Remote Areas


Many Tomorrow Clubs operate in remote areas and leaders have to travel long distances each week for meetings. Since the normal club budget doesn’t always cover this expense, your contribution will help to meet this critical need. This is one of the top items on our wish list!

Donate   $75

Train Disciple Makers


It takes more than desire to be an effective disciple maker. Training, especially when working with children, is extremely important in preparing our leaders. A gift of $100 will cover transportation costs, meals, and materials for one regional training event.

Donate   $100



As the ministry grows, we have an increasing need for ministry tools such as projectors, computers, and other technology. Your gift helps provide leaders with tools to work more effectively.

Donate   $100

Launch a New Club


Your investment of $250 will cover the costs of opening a new Tomorrow Club including training for leaders, curriculum, hobby class materials, and club supplies.

Donate   $250

Sponsor a Camp


Much like an outdoor VBS, summer day camps are the primary way we introduce the ministry to a new community. It’s a great opportunity to build relationships with unchurched kids, expose them to the Gospel, and then invite them to join the weekly Tomorrow Club. A gift of $500 covers the entire cost of a typical five day camp for 100 kids.

Donate   $500