Tomorrow Clubs and Wretched are teaming up to bring the Gospel and long term discipleship to 3,000 children in four new countries. You can help! The amount needed is $50,000. Learn more…

Amount raised so far $37,171 – 74%


We believe reaching children for Christ will transform families, churches, communities, and the world.

Here are three reasons the Tomorrow Clubs are so effective:



Long term discipleship.

TC kids spend time every week with godly leaders who teach and model what it means to follow Jesus

Empowering the local church.

Tomorrow Clubs are a great way for churches to bridge the gap to the unreached in the their communities.

Underserved communities.

In many of the small towns and villages where we work, the Tomorrow Club is the only place kids can hear the Gospel.

Featured Story


God Touched My Heart

My name is Oksana and this is my story. My childhood was very difficult because both of my parents were dependent on alcohol. When my mother died, my father’s drinking became even worse… Read more…

Featured Club

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Do Unto Others…

The war in Eastern Ukraine is no longer in the headlines but it continues, causing great hardship for many people living in this part of the country.As a result of the conflict, nearly a million people…Read more…

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