Christos Voskres, Christ is Risen!


With the isolation that the Coronavirus has brought, this Easter feels different. Yet the Easter story, the centerpiece of our salvation, has not changed. Even though the world is in turmoil and we may be separated from family and friends, we can rest in the blessed assurance that love’s redeeming work has been done. In…

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Coping with COVID


“Is the world going to end?” Tomorrow Club leaders are hearing questions like this from the kids in their clubs. Like churches, we’ve had to pause regular Tomorrow Club meetings but leaders are finding creative ways to keep their discipleship connection alive and point kids and families to Jesus. Executive Director, Paul Marty, talks about…

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Is the Iron Curtain really gone?


The Russian government guarantees freedom of belief in its constitution. Yet, fearing fines and persecution, parents are reluctant to allow their children to attend Tomorrow Club meetings. Country director Irina invites us to pray for a new initiative in Russia and for the challenges the Tomorrow Clubs team faces in bringing the gospel to the…

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Wrestling with the Gospel


Vlad has a dream. He wants to become a wrestling champion. While many 15 year-olds seek athletic fame, Vlad wants even more: through sports, he hopes to bring glory to God and share the Gospel with other athletes. But surrounded by unbelieving family and friends, he finds he’s not only wrestling in the gym. Vlad…

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